Our Customers

MediGroup are regular suppliers of equipment, accessories, technical services under three areas: ultrasound, diagnostic, life science.

Our clients include thousands of hospitals, clinics, medical centres, government facilities, and other healthcare organizations. In the Kingdom of Cambodia, we cover all 25 provinces and in Vietnam across 3 regions North-Central-South.

MediGroup is committed to delivering the highest level of service and convenience to our valued clients.

Following the “Customer First” principal, it is our commitment to provide effective system solutions consisting of high quality products, supported by comprehensive product- and application training, as well as professional technical after sales service support.

Customers FIRST; Based on the “Customers First” principal we focus on creating value-added services and solutions to our customers and their patients. F: Focus on Cost Effective Solutions. I: Innovative Approach. R: Responsiveness & Cooperation. S: Service & Utilization. T: Technology & Quality.

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