Technical and clinical support

At MediGroup, we always put the customer as the center of our activities and customer care is the key factor for the sustainable development of our business and partnership.

With technical and clinical service of MediGroup, customers are not only consulted and supported on technical issues but they are also updated with the latest guidelines from medical organizations around the world. Also, they are well-informed with the outstanding technologies that are available on the equipment. In addition, MediGroup's application specialists will accompany customers for product optimization, and on how to effectively utilize the features with a high-level and superior technologies on the equipment.

Technical service

With a team of engineers, we have gained many years of experience on ultrasound, x-ray systems, etc., constantly updating knowledge and attending advanced training from manufacturers, Medigroup will bring the true professional technical services to the customers.


The equipment will be installed according to manufacturer standards, ensuring environmental conditions, power supply, patient’s safety and doctor's convenience. In addition, MediGroup's engineers also support the completion of connections between ultrasound systems, x-ray systems, fibroscan and peripherals, making the operation of clinics and hospitals convenient, friendly and professional.


The exclusive distributor of leading medical equipment manufacturers around the world. MediGroup continuously updates new and advanced applications and techniques in transferring the equipment. Our team of engineers and application specialists will support customers from the simple operations of the equipment to implementation processes, clinical benefits of the newest and highest features and technologies on existing equipment. User instruction link

Warranty & Maintenance

Customers will be fully instructed on the operation and maintenance procedures to ensure a stable and safe operation of the equipment. After installation, the equipment will be warranted according to the contractual commitments between Medigroup and customers and comply with the manufacturer's process and standards. During the warranty period, customers can be assured that the technical problems of the device will be completely overcome or to have the appropriate solution in the fastest and most effective way so that customers' operation is not interrupted. Link: warranty policy

Software upgrade

Constantly improve to enhance the product quality, MediGroup and manufacturers will release the software upgrade for the equipment which are on the market. MediGroup's engineers will contact and consult to upgrade the most optimal software version for customers when performing equipment maintenance.


When the device has a technical problem after the warranty period, MediGroup technicians will perform the equipment inspection steps, identify the cause and advise customers on the most appropriate and economical solution. Spare parts used at MediGroup are 100% genuine components from the manufacturers, ensuring full criteria for quality as well as with relevant documents and certificates.

Service contract & warranty extended

In addition to the services offered on MediGroup together with the manufacturers, we also provide the extended warranty and maintenance packages for customers who have expired warranty equipment: • Maintenance contract: Customer's equipment will continue to be maintained annually, ensure operational status and safety standards, as well as to be upgraded and to overcome simple problems quickly with no unexpected additional cost. • Extended warranty contract: The equipment will continue to have the same warranty service as the original time when it was installed. With this service, customers can be assured and focus entirely on clinical issues, technical issues will be the mission of MediGroup.


As a reliable partner in the Vietnamese medical market for many years, MediGroup is proud to accompany customers throughout the process of enhancing the quality of medical services. With the full-service solution, MediGroup believes that our customers are achieving the best experience with the latest technology trends and features on our own devices.

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Technology confirmation

Commitment to support customer in a comprehensive way before and after sales such as appropriate application advice, technology transfer, user guide, connecting leading experts connection, clinical documents provision

Optimizing system performance

Towards customer satisfaction through professional service, dedicated engineers, prompt response and quick delivery of optimal solutions.

Learning & Sharing

Customer Service team of MediGroup is ready to investigate and cultivate clinical knowledge, improve skills to bring useful values, in accordance with customer needs

Online Support

Service time: 06:00 - 22:00 every day.

Always accomapny customers, MediGroup provides online support services all days of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and Lunar New Year.