Working in MediGroup

We are a life-science company working closely together with the Cambodian health system, we have been in Asia since 1995.

We offer good development opportunities and learning takes place both in everyday life and in courses, either held by our own specialists or together with our partners. The training is held in Cambodia, Vietnam, and in the Middle East and Europe.

MediGroup Cambodia covers the entire country and our customers are spread throughout Cambodia. This also gives you the opportunity to see many provinces in Cambodia.

We live in a villa in the middle of Phnom Penh which provides a great atmosphere. We spend a lot of time training our leaders, both in leadership, but also in planning, coordination, cross-collaboration. We train our leaders to lead, motivate and inspire. MediGroup also works with annual reviews, where we evaluate our collaboration and the results it provides. We hold monthly meetings for all employees, like we have monthly management meetings. We coordinate via weekly meetings with the sales teams and the services teams.

“We value our people as the core strength of our organization and advance employee talent through training, coaching and self-development. We all work as partners to create a performance orientated, enthusiastic and “people caring” environment. We applaud, reward and promote our people as partners”

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